Healthy Weight Loss - 7 Useful Tips

Dieting can bring the reverse of what you want - healthy weight loss and permanent weight loss mean acceptance of your body as it is.

The key is not to diet for a healthy weight loss - rather learn to accept your body as it is and you will more easily be able to stay within a healthy BMI.

As you get older your metabolic rate slows down and it can make it harder to reach and maintain a target weight and there's nothing more aging, or unhealthier, than being overweight.

Here are seven useful tips for healthy and permanent weight loss:

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1. Avoid fat and high fructose content. You'll see these things in a lot of commonly available foods. They contribute to weight gain - as well as many other health problems. Steer clear and pick up a healthy option - fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and lean meat.

2. Remember - don't compare yourself to others. Your body is different from anyone else's and you will lose and gain weight in different ways. Two people following the same program won't have the same results, so don't get discouraged if you can't lose weight as easily as a friend.

3. Avoid diet pills and crash diets There's no such thing as a magic solution. These products are only out to get your money. In order for them to work they have to be combined with a proper eating regime and exercise - which is what you need to lose weight anyway.

4. Up your vitamin intake A multi-vitamin supplement including calcium can improve your health overall and help you to lose weight a little faster.

5. Target your ideal weight Find out what your ideal weight is (based on your BMI) and target that as your end goal. The ideal healthy weight is the one where you will be the healthiest, and it's important not to try to drop below it - thinner is not always better.

6. Avoid fast food It's bad for you, and it comes in portions that will make you gain, rather than drop pounds. Convenience is not worth the extra fat it makes you put on. Go for permanent weight loss and switch to healthier fresher food and you'll look younger and feel fitter almost instantly. Remind yourself of your goal. If you're tempted to put another dollop of mayonnaise on your sandwich, stop and think whether it's worth the extra calories. Priorities are vital in weight loss.

7. Exercise regularly For healthy weight loss go for aerobic exercise. Without regular aerobic exercise you might lose muscle before you lose fat and that is not what you want. Muscle mass raises your metabolic rate and helps you burn fat - if you lose muscle your metabolic rate will plummet and it will be more difficult to achieve your weight loss goals.

So keep doing all these things and the weight will come off slowly but steadily and this way it will stay off. Remember crash dieting will guarantee a return of the pounds very quickly. Don't forget your weight loss goal is in sight - you'll soon look younger and feel fitter than you have in years!

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